Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bird Sneak Attack!

I sometimes I wonder why my husband puts up with me. Today was an excellent example of that. While he was in the bathroom, I noticed that the door was open a tiny bit. This inspired me to run downstairs, pick up one of the girls, go back up stairs in gently open the door just a tiny bit more and allow the chicken (Scabby) to walk in on him. Yes, I should probably be divorced! Jeff is a good sport about such stunts and just laughed while I held the door closed on him while Scabby wandered around our small bathroom. Scabby seemed rather confused but quickly noticed the heat vent and put herself in front of that. Ah, life on the "farm"

Scabby looking at herself in the mirror. (Yes that is a chicken toothbrush holder you see in the left hand corner)