Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sandbox and Moulting

Sand bath update- the girls have shown no interest in taking dirt baths but have developed a liking to pecking at the cardboard box the sand is in. Hmm....that would figure. We will keep the box in there just to see if they change their minds.

Mouting- The girls seem to be adjusting to their moulting status. They are becoming more friendly again (well except for Cluck of course) I am relieved that their attitudes are back in check. The week after next Jeff and I are leaving for our honeymoon, and I would hate to leave my parents to take care of three pissy birds. That would just be in poor form.  What amazes me is that with all the feathers that have fallen off the girls, I can't believe they don't have any bald spots. If I was collecting feathers for a pillow I would be more than half way there and yet the girls look just as pretty as usual. Hmm...I guess they have thick "hair."