Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bad Chickens!!!

The girls ate another one of their eggs today! I just don't get it- as soon as we think we have them broken of the habit they do it again. What makes it extra frustrating is after the bloody egg incident, I tried to feed them scrambled eggs to increase their protein and fats. Did they take so much as a bite of those eggs? Nope...but the raw "just came out of my butt" variety was a hit! Silly birds.

In other news, I switched the tube air pump in the fish tank to an air stone. I got tired of having to clean the algae off of it every few days to keep it working. Let's hope the stone works better.


  1. Try putting a golf ball in their nest where they lay eggs. I've heard that this can work. They take a few pecks at the golf ball. Obviously can't eat that and they lean to leave those round white things in the nest alone.

  2. Thanks for the tip. We tried that and also river rocks (since they look more like their brown eggs) it worked for awhile, but I think they forgot! Let's hope bringing the rocks and golf balls back helps.