Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Normal Day on the Farm

It was a normal day on the "farm." I came home after work and found two eggs waiting for me in the nesting box. I collected them and gave the girls some of their new favorite treat- ramen noodles. They scarfed it up and I, of course, gave them more. Then onto the fish to give them dinner and checking in on the worms and spraying them with a little water. Lastly, the annoying chore of the night- fixing the stupid timer for the potato light. It just kills me. Jeff bought a timer for the chicken's light; it's one of the old fashioned dial timers. He had it up and working in less than a minute. I, however had to be progressive, and buy a digital timer. Between figuring out how to set the clock and then programing the silly thing, I have spent at least an hour. Yesterday when I finally thought I had it worked out- low and behold yet again it wouldn't turn on it. I gave up for the night, for fear I would throw it out the window and started again tonight. Another twenty minutes rereading the directions, and I think I have it working now (or at least it is turned on who knows if it will ever turn off.) Well, I bent over to get the directions off the floor, and I  heard an all too familiar crack sound and suddenly I remembered  putting the eggs in my coat pocket. Yup, just a normal day on the "farm" complete with a pocket full of egg slime. Considering how much Jeff yells at the chickens when they break eggs I wonder how he will react.....


  1. I just finished reading your entire blog and wanted to let you know how interesting and entertaining it was! I commend you on all your sustainable efforts and accomplishments. I found your blog off of UrbanFarmOnline, which I joined very recently. My hubby and I are in the throws of the first phase (clearing the land) for establishing our sustainable backyard. I am anxiously awaiting the land to be leveled so that we can begin building the chicken coop and square foot gardens. Your timeline has helped me know what to expect, when. I can't wait until we get our baby girls. Kudos again to you and your hubby! Peace ~ Carla Oldenkamp

  2. Carla, Thanks for your kind words and best of luck with your future girls...I hope you have as much fun with your chickens as we have had with ours!