Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cleaning The Pen- Winter Time (Round II)

Today was the second time this winter that we had to clean their pen. We learned some painful lessons from our experience cleaning the pen the first time the weather prevented us from leaving the girls outside (see the post here). While last time was rather dramatic, this go around we put the girls right into dog carrier while we cleaned. It took us about a half an hour and the entire time the girls were surprisingly mellow. We barely heard a peep as we cleaned. I was blown away! We were worried that after more than a few minutes in the carrier and they would start the flip out. Even more amazingly, they didn't poop in the carrier. This new act of shocking maturity was rewarded with several pieces of spaghetti.

While we were cleaning, Jeff brought up the good point that since they no longer have access to dirt that perhaps we should build them some sort of dust bath. He does bring up a good point. We are thinking about getting them a box with play sand.


  1. Oh, definitely give them a sandbox to bath in. I put a small one in their brooder when they were still in the garage and they used it.

    They also scratched in it and pooped in it so it is a bit more work but was worth it to me.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Did you use play sand? That is what we just bought for them.

  3. You can either use play sand, or to supplement their grit, you can also use construction sand. I used a rubber watering tub with the shorter sides for my girls' sandbox.