Monday, January 3, 2011

Indoor bathing for the girls...

As we were cleaning out the pen, Jeff mentioned his idea for creating an indoor dust bath for the girls. I thought this was a lovely idea and the two of us went out to the local home improvement store to get a bag of play sand. We got an old box filled it with the sand and picked up one of the girls and put her in. She promptly jumped out of the box to run around with her sisters. We grabbed another girl and put her in - same thing happened. So the last girl we put in the box, Jeff held her in while I poured a little sand on her back. Well she flapped her wings getting sand in my mouth and escaped. We turned to see what game had caught the attention of the girls. They were pecking and stealing from one another an old bandage that had been stuck to the bottom of Jeff's boot. Figures...Jeff has to carry in a 50 pound bag of sand and it is a dirty bandage that gets their attention. Hopefully after we took the bandage out of a rather annoyed Cluck's mouth and walked away they will start to enjoy their new bath.

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