Saturday, July 16, 2011

What do they call this egg?

The eggs continue to get weirder...

Jeff was downstairs taking care of the chickens when I heard, "Lisa, did you give the girls an old carrot?" I replied no and then heard nothing from him. It was such an out of place question, it made me curious. Eventually he came back up stairs holding a small egg that did, in fact, look exactly like an old moldy carrot stick.

If the small eggs were called fart eggs, I don't even want to know what to call this one.

See, it is a carrot egg!


  1. Oh, that is bizarre. I think Old Carrot Egg is as good a name as any. Maybe try Back Yard Chickens for suggestions on what this really is. I'm thinking it's similar to a fart egg in that it's some sort of mis-fire.

    Did you try to crack it? Any yoke?

  2. I agree with Flock Mistress. A misfire.