Monday, February 20, 2012

Backyard Chicken Supplies

The world of backyard chicken keeping has officially changed for better!!! Today Jeff and I were picking up bedding for the girls, when feed in "backyard poultry" sizes caught my eye. Now the girls would go throw this way too fast to make it worth it for us, but it is still an exciting development .

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  1. Hi! We tentatively tried the pellets after using a crumble/mash feed, and we found that it's cleaner and less wasteful--and they like it fine. Do you know about the feed store in the valley--very nice people. Our ladies love the Blue Seal brands. We actually mix layer and grower together (with the oyster shell mix). We buy the cheap "scratch" feed, too, and throw a couple handfuls when we go look for eggs. We also give them leftover bread, noodles, and greens from the table--no oil, vinegar, or sauces though are on the above. There is a much cheaper feed store in another village in the wine country (half the price of Tractor Supply and feed stores), but we never seem to go down that way--even though the cost of gas would still make it a little cheaper than the other stores.