Sunday, February 26, 2012

Manicure #2

Most people would never bother to wonder if chickens like having their claws trimmed. If you by chance are one of the few who do, let us tell you...........They dont. Thanks to a recent article in "Chickens" magazine (March/ April 2012 issue), we learned a super useful technique for trimming their claws without drawing blood and unleashing coop cannibalism. The trick is to shine a flashlight through the claw to see where the "quick" (the vein in the claw nail) stops. Once you try it, you can see it clear and distinct, and see exactly where to cut. It worked like a charm. The flock is now neatly manicured and their scary, t-rex-like claws are back under control.

Having your flock living in a coop that is surfaced with pine shavings on top of linoleum doesnt allow for the natural wearing down of the claws that would otherwise take place from scratching around in dirt. We learned that we have to pay extra attention to claws getting too long, and the price for negligence is a not-so-happy time spent trying to hold onto a flapping, flailing chicken while your assistant tries to cut the wickedly overgrown claws without injury to chicken or human. As usual, after a generous serving of treats, all is forgiven....


  1. Hello.I have been following your posts...Most people say the dust and dander of chickens is huge..Do you find that so? mine are in the garage..I am told they are not allowed in the small town we live neighbor has gotten three chicks..I am going to put them outside,if i get caught they will be coming indoors in basement.Are you having in problems with yours indoors?

  2. so I see you have not posted since 2012... how is your chicken project going? I have just recently moved 2 of my girls inside and I will be moving soon and want to keep them with me. you see I live in an RV and my husband is incarcerated, so when he gets moved I follow...
    I also have a blog and I know that times gets away from you occasionally, so I will watch for updates.
    god Bless and thanks for the information on keeping the girls inside...

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