Monday, November 8, 2010

3/17/10- The babies arrive!!

This was the first heat lamp which we had to switch to red later.

Today at work I received a text message from my boyfriend that our chicks came!!!! Several months ago Jeff came up with the idea to keep urban chickens. Not going to lie, I thought it was insane but one of Jeff’s many charms is his innovative and unique ideas so I started researching it and found that it was becoming popular and figured, why not? The only issue was that after calling our local zoning office chickens are not legal in our town. Not be deterred, we figured that we would just work out a way to have indoor chickens. How hard could it be? (Little did we know then!) So after some research into the breeds we ordered three australorp chickens from I couldn’t believe how easy it was (the overnight shipping was the most expensive part of the order!) Well today a rather confused mail carrier came to the house with a chirping box. Sadly I wasn’t home but Jeff keeps unusual hours and was home to sign for the new babies. I drove home in record time as soon as I got his text message. I couldn’t believe how cute they were. We put them in a cardboard box with pine shavings, a heat lamp, some chick food, and water. They seemed tired from their journey through the US postal system from Connecticut and settled in for a nap. Sadly I had to return to work, but I really wanted to spend the whole afternoon just watching their cuteness. That evening my parents came over to visit the new arrival. To be funny, my mom brought over sweet and sour CHICKEN for dinner…..only someone who grew up on a farm could pull that off! We knew we were going to name one of the chickens “Cluck” in memory of my dad’s childhood pet chicken. Since we can't tell apart 3 little peeping fuzzballs, for the time being we are just calling them all “Cluck!”

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