Monday, November 8, 2010

First Home

5/10/10 It is time for a new home for the chickens. Sadly they have outgrown their box and we have to move them into a bigger home. Like any mom I am sad to see them grow up. I can’t believe how attached we have grown to “livestock.” Some place in heaven my grandpa (an Iowa farmer) is laughing. While they were still in the cardboard box, we started researching like crazy how to keep indoor chickens but there is almost no help out there for this (another reason to start this blog). Almost everything out there in books and on the internet is geared towards raising chickens in a coop of some sort outside. Apparently to raise chickens in our basement, we are going to have to “wing” it. For now we’ve improvised a “coop” made of some scrap wood, cheap plywood lattice, and an old blanket. The bathroom and the walls of the basement and three side of the “coop”. We duct tapped the lattice to the wall and laid down an old blanket my mom brought over. Funny to think that my chickens are now pooping on the blanket I slept under as a child. This coop looks like something the Beverly Hillbillies would come up with, seems to work.

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  1. So, true. I just found your blog, because I'm hoping to do basement chickens, too. You guys are my heroes. I'm planning on reading your entire blog from the start to the end and then keeping up. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I'm blogging on my own blog about this later and will give you props. THANKS AGAIN!