Monday, November 8, 2010

Waste Management

We also tried newspaper
6/1/10 The blanket idea is not working out so well. They cover it in poop in no time and it starts to smell. Again, if you are contemplating keeping your own micro-flock in your basement, make sure you give due consideration to how much these creatures poop. “waste management” has become the most frustrating part of this whole project. Chicken manure from 3 birds is pretty easy to manage, but not very pleasant if you neglect cleaning up after them for even a short time. Having the house smell like a barn is NOT an option and every time we have company over I have to wash the blanket which means one of us needs to stay outside and watch the chickens while the blanket is put in the wash and then the dryer (yes I know we need to buy another blanket) Lining their “coop” with a blanket is not turning out to be a very feasible idea, especially with the chickens growing so rapidly! We have to come up with something new.

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