Monday, November 8, 2010

Duck Friends

6/5/10 We went down to the farmer’s market and happened to see baby ducks in a nearby pond. Amazing how similar the ducks are in terms of how they act as our chickens. On the way back, we decided to pop into a county farm store. We picked up a variety of baked goods and vegetables. We even got purple potatoes which tasted amazing and are supposed to have more nutritional value. Next year I am going to have to get them for our garden. While there we saw a new tray style feeder that we thought might help with them, since they started with the obnoxious habit of knocking the old plastic feeder over on its side and spilling their food, and making a huge mess. We also picked up a small dog carrier to carry the chickens around in, since bringing them in and out of the house for their “free range” time in the back yard has become more and more difficult. Recently as the chickens have gotten bigger we have started having problems with catching them in the backyard to get them back inside. (Picture two humans running around in circles, under lawn furniture, through our garden, after chickens.. rather funny but annoying). Chickens are surprisingly quick and agile when you are trying to catch them. Hopefully the carrier will make life easier. Also the carrier will make is easier to discreetly carry them outside so we wont have to wait until the neighbors are inside or gone to take the chickens out for their almost nightly “walks.”

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