Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Chicks

3/20/10 We are continuing to play with the chickens nightly. It really surprises me how much Jeff is getting into playing with the chickens. He is not much of a pet person but there seems to be something about the “Clucks” he really enjoys. As he puts it, he only likes pets that aren’t “free loaders”. I had to laugh when he said that. The chickens have pretty much taken over my office. We let them room around and play. When I redid the hardwood floors I didn’t get all the paint flecks off the floor from painting so a few of them are under a coat of poly which the chicks think is food and peck at non stop. It is so sad to watch them try so hard! We had to switch the heat lamp to a red light. We read on the internet that if they see blood the other two might attack but with the red light they can’t distinguish the blood. So hard to believe something so cute could be so mean! One thing we did not prepare for was how much they POOP. They seriously each poop about 2 minutes or so. Little tiny droppings, which aren’t so bad, but which requires a lot of paper towels…..

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