Monday, November 8, 2010


Today I decided to make an entry regarding the general reactions we have gotten about keeping our chickens.
My Parents- They just love the chickens. They act as our babysitters when we are gone and often bring over treats. My dad thinks it is great in terms of sustainability and self sufficiency.
His Parents- They didn’t seem too surprised coming from Jeff and I.
My Extended Family who happen to hail from an Iowan farm- They seemed generally confused by the chickens but thought we built them a nice set up.
My Co-Workers- So originally I didn’t plan on telling them but got so excited when they first came I totally spilled the beans. I was surprised by how very interested everyone was. Several people have asked about how we do it (another catalyst for this blog) and one day they even asked if we could have an egg day. I brought in the eggs and several other people brought toast and sausage and everyone got to try urban farm fresh eggs.
His Co-Workers- Jeff, who can keep a secret, never told them. However one day one of his coworkers came into the office and was just flabbergasted because on his way into work he saw a chicken coop in someone’s yard. He went on for several minutes about how weird it was and why would someone want to do that while Jeff just quietly laughed on in the inside.
My Friends- Generally not too surprised and thought it was interesting. One friend even let me know about a few other “clandestine chickens” she knew of in nearby towns.
His Friends- Being the survivalist types no one seemed too surprised but thought it was a great part of a survival plan.
Our vegan animal rights friend- To be honest, I was nervous about telling her. However she was really into it and thought it was great that we gave them such a good life. Upon talking to her I did some more research into factory chickens conditions and realized, yup, our chickens live in the palace of coops.

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