Monday, November 8, 2010

New Pen Adjusting

7/20/10 The chickens have adjusted to their new pen eventually and seem pretty comfortable there. Changing the pine shavings for the first time went fairly well. Except I got the stupid idea that we could change it with them still in there and not have to watch them outside. We swept the shavings into a trash bag to put in the compost and all was okay until the end when I think the chickens had enough and started to freak out on us. Next time we will take them outside to change their bedding. Jeff had built them a really nice perch to sleep on at night; however they kept sleeping on the edge of the pen. Which was annoying in two ways. One that clearly meant they could just fly right out of the pen if they wanted and two their little fat butts were bending the chicken wire. Eventually Jeff put a 2x4 across the pen at the top and just conceded to where they wanted to sleep.

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