Monday, November 8, 2010


The Treat Bin
9/2/10 The golf balls seem to be helping. Jeff also put some river rocks that look more like their eggs in there as well so between the two they seem to have stopped eating the eggs. What a relief! Jeff also read that sometimes they eat their own eggs due to a calcium deficiency in their diet. He bought them crushed oyster shells to help with that problem. Now every morning before we leave for work we give them black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS), cracked corn, and bits of crushed oyster shells to munch on. The ironic thing is that of all the treats we have bought for them their favorite thing to eat is grass. We will pull it from the front yard and put it in their pen and they go crazy. (Yes, our chickens are very spoiled, and if I was a jealous woman I would be put off by how much time and money my husband spend on them!)

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